Ingredients that come from the sea: everything healthy skin needs

Formulated for even the most sensitive skin, IROISIE sources and combines the very finest ingredients to create its products. 

Because the sea is the natural element closest to the human organism, the ingredients at the heart of IROISIE organic cosmetics come from the Iroise Sea in Brittany, one of UNESCO's biosphere reserves. 

These ingredients ensure IROISIE skin care products are well tolerated by all skin types, and support and protect the health of skin cells. IROISIE facial care products contain an exceptionally high concentration of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega 3, 6, and 9), natural cosmetics, as well as ingredients from certified organic sources. 


Organic cosmetics with refined textures

IROISIE believes that it a daily facial care routine should be pleasurable as well as effective. That's why it insists on refined galenics and delicate fragrances. 

IROISIE natural cosmetics respect human beings and nature. They are certified as ecological and organic cosmetics by ECOCERT, an independent certification body for sustainable development, and by COSMEBIO. Just as you'd expect, IROISIE facial care products are free of all parabens, silicon, paraffin, chemical preservatives, mineral oil, phenoxythanol, and GMOs. In addition, IROISIE uses only FSC certified papers and containers, to support sustainable management of the environment. IROISIE brand organic cosmetics is committed to sustainable and safe organic beauty products throughout its line. 

A carefully-designed product line for powerful results

IROISIE wants to take care of your skin. That's why it has dedicated years of careful research to its facial care line, and designed each of its products for optimum effectiveness. 

An organic cosmetic brand from France, IROISIE offers a palette of 11 unique facial care products. The choice to limit our line to these 11 creations was a deliberate one. Instead of presenting too large and varied a selection of cosmetics, produced more for marketing and sales than to meet our clients' real needs, IROISIE puts quality first. You can count on our line for its high standards of effectiveness, safety and comfort, its proven results, and its use of organic ingredients that have been carefully researched and sourced to ensure they are pure and environmentally friendly.

Proven performance

A pleasure to apply, day after day, each IROISIE facial care product has demonstrated its anti-ageing powers. 

The most thorough clinical tests, conducted under medical supervision, have scientifically proven that using IROISIE care products offers visible results: reduced wrinkles, firmer skin, improved moisturizing protection...