Depending on your age: Dr Barthe's advice

What is effective for your skin at 20 years old will not be effective at 40 years old. As the years pass, you need to use more moisturizing and nourishing skin care to fight the dryness of the skin and its loss of density.

You can do a lot to slow down and minimize the signs of age !

In your 20's

The skin begins to find its balance but you may experience some resurgences of your teens.

First of all, you must use a non-abrasive cleanser that does not dry your skin: drying the skin lead to an excessive sebum production. Also, choose a non-oily moisturizer that will maintain a good level of skin hydration without clogging the pores.

Iroisie Gentle Facial and Eye Cleanser Gel (highly concentrated in vitamin E) combined with Iroisie Tonic Lotion (rich in micro nutrients) will be the perfect choice to keep the full radiance of your skin.

In your 30's

The first signs of age are appearing. The first wrinkles appear because your skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin fibers decreases. At the same time you might notice some pigmentation changes.

To maintain the density of your skin, you have to provide your dermis the essential nutrients.

The Iroisie First Step Anti-aging Care with Lavander Extracts strengthens the cutaneous structure thus achieving these goal. If your skin is sensitive or dry, I recommend incorporating a drop of The Ultimate Serum into this treatment.

Finally, and from this age, the regular use of a specific night cream is highly recommended to repair the oxidative stress of the day, to prevent pro-inflammatory reactions and to restore the natural defenses of the skin. Iroisie Lipid Restoring Balm will be the perfect choice.

In your 40's

More wrinkles and fine lines appear around the mouth and eyes. These wrinkles are caused by a slowing down of collagen and elastin production. The skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles become more apparent. The skin becomes significantly drier.

The priority is to give the skin the means to maintain a good level of hydration to promote cell metabolisms.

To find the right balance, you must look for a daily care that provides optimal hydration and at the same time helps maintaining the firmness of your skin.

The Botanical Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Care associated with The Ultimate Serum provides a powerful anti-wrinkle effect by stimulating the natural production of elastin and collagen fibers, while maintaining a good level of intracellular hydration and stimulating the in vivo production of constitutive water.

In your 50's

Your skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Meanwhile, estrogen levels begin to decline and the skin begins to lose its density and complexion.

In addition, skin dryness increases.

To respond to these signs, you must choose a rich moisturizer that will deeply rebuilds the skin's internal network.

Iroisie Firming Care With Apricot Extracts contains all the nutrients to moisturize and help maintain the structure of your skin. In association with The Ultimate Serum (the ultimate in results) will act to make your skin stronger and more resilient.

In your 60's

The skin becomes really drier, thinner and more fragile. It is visibly less smooth. This condition is caused by a significant decrease in collagen levels.

To restore the texture of your skin, you need a special skin care formulated specifically for the needs of a mature skin. To optimize the density and the firmness of your skin, use a treatment that will bring all the nutrients to the cellular functions.

Iroisie Ultimate Serum applied twice a day all year long is the perfect solution for your skin. Powerful moisturizer, it visibly improves its texture and contributes to its regeneration.


sept. 2, 2017